Charlene Roman-Morales of Austintown and her children, Jaydin, 9, and Giovanni, 6, were among the patient families involved. Jaydin has a rare and severe form of epilepsy from a traumatic brain injury. He also has cerebral palsy and quadriplegia.

“I was taken back by the Hirschbecks’ generosity,” Charlene said. “I’m a single mom and have been doing this on my own for 9 years. To hear that someone wanted to help me and my family – this year of all years – really meant the world to us.”

Jaydin’s difficult year made brighter

Jaydin spent much of the first two months of 2020 in the hospital in Akron due to complications with his health.

“It was a scary time,” Charlene said. “We got very close to Jaydin giving up.”

He pulled through, and he left the hospital as COVID started emerging. Doctors told her “Whatever you do, keep him home.” His compromised health would put him at great risk if he were to catch the virus.

Read the entire article by Akron Children’s Hospital here.

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